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Geologic Consulting
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Geologic Consulting

Arizona registered geologist

Geologic Mapping

Structural Analysis

Mineral resources

Environmental geology

Unique computer visualization of geologic and geophysical data, geologic scenery, and geologic relationships using various types of 3D software, including Bryce, Fledermaus, Google Earth, and others

Author of a structural geology textbook and geologic books and articles for the general public

High-quality photographs of spectacular geologic features from around the world

Workshops, short courses, and talks to public groups

Home Page of Stephen Reynolds, Professor in the School of Earth and Space Exploration, Arizona State University

Exploring GeologyExploring Geology, 5th edition - coming soon epg Exploring Physical Geography, 2nd edition
Stephen J. Reynolds, Julia Johnson, Paul Morin, and Chuck Carter
Stephen J. Reynolds

McGrawHill Education

Scientific illustrations by Chuck Carter,
Cindy Shaw, Susie Gillatt, Daniel Miller, David Fierstein

Exploring Earth Science, 2nd edition - coming soon

Structural Geology of Rocks and Regions, 3rd edition
George H. Davis, Stephen J. Reynolds, Charles F. Kluth

John Wiley and Sons
George H. Davis
Stephen J. Reynolds
Scientific illustrations by Susie Gillatt, David Fischer, Cindy Shaw, Chuck Carter



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