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Zambia, Africa

Digital photos taken on a walking safari in Zambia
by Susie  Gillatt 

Here are some of the hidden animals, often hiding in plain sight.


All of these images are available for purchase. Unframed prints are
8x10 inch = $50,
11x14 = $75,
(plus shipping). Larger custom sizes are available. All images are high resolution archival inkjet prints on a variety of archival papers.
All images appearing on this site are copyrighted property of Terra Chroma, Inc. They are protectively watermarked. These images are for on-screen viewing. These images may not be copied, reproduced, manipulated, or used in any way for commercial use without written permission from Terra Chroma, Inc. 


5" x 7" cards with envelopes are printed on archival paper with archival inks. $5.00 per card or 3 cards for $12.00 plus shipping.

Please contact us for more prices and purchasing information.

International shipping is available.


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