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Morocco Gallery

Digital images from photographs of Morocco
by Susie Gillatt

camel_man.jpg (48273 bytes)

Omar and Friend
Moroccan man and a camel

11" x 17"

wall_arch.jpg (61723 bytes)

Marrakesh Garden
A garden in Marrakesh

9" x 17"

room_with_a_view.jpg (55277 bytes)

Room with a View
Inside an old Glaoui palace near Telouet

11" x 17"
                 Purchase Award  
"2003 National Digital Art Exhibition"
The Muse Gallery, Prescott, AZ        August 2003

nomad_woman.jpg (47553 bytes)

Nomad Woman
A nomad woman near her tent

11" x 17"

kasbah.jpg (55562 bytes)

Saharan Kasbah
A Kasbah in the Sahara

11" x 17"

wheelbarrows.jpg (57479 bytes)

Moroccan Door
An image from the streets of Marrakesh

12" x 17"

tile_lilies.jpg (68109 bytes)

Palace Courtyard
An image from a palace courtyard

17" x 11"

two_girls.jpg (39972 bytes)

Nomad Girls
2 nomad girls

11" x 17"

blue_window.jpg (55848 bytes)

Moroccan Window
A beautiful Moroccan window

11" x 17"

kasbah_sahara.jpg (44386 bytes)

Shifting Sands
A kasbah within the sand dunes

11" x 17"

henna_hands.jpg (80516 bytes)

Henna Hands
Henna decorations on women's hands

11" x 17"

kasbah_windows.jpg (51118 bytes)

Desert Dreams
A kasbah in the dunes

11" x 17"

laundry.jpg (44424 bytes)

Wash Day
An image from the streets of Fes

17" x 11"

white_wall.jpg (53053 bytes)

Walled City
The walled city of Essaouira

17" x 11"

fes_rooftops.jpg (77012 bytes)

Imperial City
An image of Fes and sand dunes

11" x 17"

ruins.jpg (52383 bytes)

Silent Dunes
Some ruins in the Sahara
11" x 17"

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