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Desert Images Gallery

Sonoran Desert and the Colorado Plateau 

Digital images combining photography and painting by
Susie Gillatt

wasson_flowers.jpg (88994 bytes) Wasson Peak Flowers
Springtime in the Sonoran desert near Tucson, AZ
san_juan_ pool.jpg (71655 bytes)

San Juan Pool
A side canyon of  the San Juan River, Utah

browns_canyon.jpg (70792 bytes)

Brown's Canyon
Harquahala Mountains of Arizona

catalinas_storm.jpg (65362 bytes)

Catalina Storm

prickly_pear.jpg (62092 bytes)

Prickly Pear

ocotillo_bushes.jpg (59309 bytes)


saguaro_rain.jpg (62289 bytes)

Saguaro Rain

river_house_ruins.jpg (172011 bytes)

River House Ruins
River House Ruins, San Juan River, Utah

saguaro_life.jpg (104671 bytes)

Saguaro Life

river_house_datura.jpg (98793 bytes)

River House and Datura
San Juan River, Utah

desert_trail_catalinas.jpg (72562 bytes)

Desert Trail 

rock_shaman.jpg (236071 bytes)

Rock Shaman
San Juan River, Utah

desert_rainbow.jpg (91119 bytes)

Desert Rainbow

river_shaman.jpg (75499 bytes)

River Shaman
San Juan River, Utah

butler_wash_petroglyphs.jpg (67748 bytes)

Butler Wash Petroglyphs
On the San Juan River, Utah

petroglyphs.jpg (61975 bytes)

At Butler Wash,  San Juan River, Utah

saguaro_sculpture.jpg (53363 bytes)

Saguaro Sculpture

snow_ocotillo.jpg (61591 bytes)

Snow Ocotillo

saguaros_mirage.jpg (55152 bytes)

Saguaro Mirage

window_ruins.jpg (85561 bytes)

River House Ruins, San Juan River, Utah

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